Teen Driving Academy: A Great Driving School in Orange County

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At the age of sixteen, teenagers get the most underrated privilege everyone gets – they are finally old enough to get their license. And at this age, more and more teens are out on the road driving their cars while going to their high schools or going out on road trips. Unfortunately, most of these kids do not know the responsibility that a person with a drivers license carries. They drive their cars fast, as if ready to take on the whole world, without realizing that within a split second, just one miscalculation could take a life away. If they’re lucky, they might just end up getting injured. And no parent would want that to happen to their teens, no matter how reckless they are.

Driving School in Orange County

driving school 300x258 Teen Driving Academy: A Great Driving School in Orange County
Teen Driving Academy is a driving school in Orange Countythat can greatly help teenagers with their driving skills. Teen Driving Academy imparts both responsible attitudes and safe, defensive driving techniques. Their teen driver program is designed to emphasize the attitudes that insure the safety of young drivers, as well as to provide a comprehensive teen drivers education and training course at a reasonable price. As a driving school in Orange County, Teen Driving Academy is dedicated to providing the very best driving instruction for your teen whether you choose drivers education online, driver education in the classroom, or the in-car driver training for your teen.

The Classroom Drivers Education of Teen Driving Academy basically have four days of in-classroom sessions where your teen will be introduced to the drivers license basics and, as adriving school in Orange County,  the California provisional drivers license program. The students will also be given a comprehensive discussion on speed and rules of the road, attitudes in operating a motor vehicle, hazard perception and evasive maneuvers as well as the effects, laws and consequence on driving under the influence alcohol and other drugs, among many others. All these will only cost you $150. However, that does not include the Classroom Drivers Education that includes six hours of behind the wheel training, which will cost $385. Of course, you can also avail of behind the wheel training separately in 6, 10 and 20 hours of training time, costing you $295, $450, and $800 respectively. These will all be conducted in twp-hour intervals per session, inclusive of free pick-up and drop-off from home, school, or work. Things discussed in the classroom will be applied here like running on freeways, as well as on residential streets and city traffic. Now, if you are not from the state of California, this driving school in Orange County can still do online driver’s education.

Driving School in Orange County

The Teen Driving Academy can be seen as the leaders in teen driving instruction. This can be seen through the fact that despite being a driving school in Orange County, they still offer online classes for those interested in their services. Indeed, Teen Driving Academy can be seen as California’s finest teen driving program. Go tohttp://www.teendrivingacademy.com/ to learn more about their driving programs and services.